Sea of Love

All dinners served with a loaf of our homemade bread and garlic butter.

Fish & Chips $12

Deep fried cod served with fries, coleslaw, and tartar sauce.

Fan-tailed Shrimp $14

Deep fried & served with your choice of potato & dinner salad.

Peeled Steamed Shrimp $14

Served with fries & dinner salad.

Shrimp Trio $14

A delightful trio of fan-tailed, steamed, and shrimp scampi served with baked potato and dinner salad.

Steak n' Shrimp $18

8 oz. Sirloin Steak grilled to your liking and 8 steamed shrimp served with baked potato and dinner salad.

Fisherman's Platter $16

A delicious piece of batter-dipped cod, breaded shrimp and breaded scallops, served with fries and coleslaw.